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Court Hears Arguments on Trump's Travel Ban
by Countable
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  • Brian

    This is a country of immigrants and refugees. The hypocrisy of trumps executive order not only is damaging to our security it has a limiting factor on our freedom. To paraphrase Ben Franklin people whom would choose security over freedom deserve neither. I want to keep my family safe. I also want them to live in a world where fear doesn't guide their every thought. This administration would have you think we live in a frightening world full of terrorists and criminals. The reality is that a few bad actors can do real damage but these few will be diffused by emboldening the vast majority of people that care about their neighbors. These are the major tenets of all the religious groups. Extremism can come from any one it doesn't reflect on an entire religion, philosophy and cannot be labeled on an entire country or region. This is dangerous not to our safety but to our philosophy as Americans and after all this is all we truly are.

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