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Court Hears Arguments on Trump's Travel Ban
by Countable
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  • Sam

    Has anyone ever seen the movie Rocky? Well, the way I see it, everyone wants to think that they're Rocky, the underdog with all the odds stacked against him, even if they're very clearly Apollo Creed, the undefeated champ. I think that Trump, and billionaires like him, are Apollo Creed but they have managed to convince enough people that they are Rocky, with the odds unjustly stacked against them by the federal government/Them. ("Them" being immigrants, Muslims, African-Americans, liberals, or anyone they perceive as enemies of whatever "greatness" they are pursuing for America.) Everybody seems to want to feel like they're the victim. For example, take when Christians complain that they're being persecuted against in the U.S. and compare it to when white people in the south complained that abolishing slavery, and then segregation 100 years later, was actually unjust to them, because it was infringing on their rights to own other human beings as property or live in a society where separate did most certainly not mean equal, in so many ways. George Wallace's "throwing down the gauntlet" speech is another example of someone with all of the advantages of a person in power trying to convince people that he, and his constituents are Rocky -- standing up to Apollo Creed aka the "oppressive" federal government -- when in reality, they are the ones with the odds stacked heavily in their favor as white men in the South in the early-mid 1960s, as opposed to African-Americans dealing with Jim Crowe, the KKK, and the fact that they had been conditioned to believe that they were not of the same class of human as white people were. The real Rocky's today are those who are managing to survive and fight for real justice in America despite a number of Apollo Creed's in power who are making it more and more difficult for Rocky to even face him in a truly fair fight.

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