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DeVos Confirmed As Education Secretary With Pence Casting Historic Vote
by Countable
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  • Quinn

    According to the list on this page, her "pros" are out weighed by her con by 3 fold! Ha! It is actually fun watching this all play out. But I want all of you here on Countable to remember that these appointment are more of a blessing than a curse. Look for the positives! As the president of the Young Greens @UGA (the University of Georgia), I will be teaming up with the local Athens-Clarke County Green Party (Yes the same party that called for a national recount of the presidential vote!) to recruit and run candidates for local office. What we will be building here will be the model for all other counties in Georgia (and hopefully the nation really, but lets start small and manageable). Once we are successful in completely taking over our county government and providing some long needed competition, we plan on making some drastic changes to our county! Forgive me for the long message, but I still have more inspiring news! So I recently volunteered for the Athens Our Forests Aren't Fuel Campain to learn a bit more about activism and how we can change our community in a positive way. The place I volunteered at was actually the county library, which was hosting what the county called the Green Life Expo. This expo was actually created by the county's sustainability department. (Yes they have such a thing! Amazing right?!) While volunteering at this expo, I even had a few university students walk up and sign the petition to save our southern forests from being clear cut by wood pellet companies. Now, as you could probably tell from the event posted on Facebook, this event had so many volunteers and information booths! Athens is teeming with a passion for the environment and progressive values, and all it took was the county government to put on this event and spread the word. And that is what we plan to do when the Green Party takes over our county government! We WANT to invest in these community events. However, we need more people to get involved. I know this post was kind of all over the place, but there is so much to talk about! If you want to get more involved, message the Athens-Clarke County Green Party on Facebook to get some ideas on how to get involved in YOUR community. We are all in the together. In the end, it's all about People, Planet, and Peace over Profit!

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