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POLL: Should Betsy DeVos Have Been Confirmed?
by Countable
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  • Veritasnon

    I sent this as a response. I hope someone somewhere reads it and tries to see the other side of things without knee-jerk partisanship. "I cannot believe ANYONE would approve of Betsy DeVos for anything to do with education. She seems to be the most ignorant person that I've ever seen talking about the subject in my life. I've been around a few morons at my own schools AND at my children's too. None even come close to this woman's level of inanity. Any of you could have stopped being scared of Trump and said "No" but you didn't. Especially Marco Rubio. What happened to you? You were literally made a fool of by Trump before and after you left the race yet you're still acting like he's a member of your party and you're just going along for the ride. Why? Do you think no one is watching or taking note of your inaction? I said it before but I think it bears reiteration: despite the outcome of the Electoral system, the numbers are against your party and if you value your career as much as you seem to then you need to get your priorities straight. Are you representing us Floridians or are you just looking out for your own interests? I'm not just dumping on Mr. Rubio either. It's all members of the Republican party. All of you. Trump IS NOT WITH YOU. He is for himself and for attention and for glory and nothing else. You all standing around staring at your shoes while he, the President of the United States, rants about Arnold Schwarzenegger and TV ratings is so shameful that I can't even think of a way to describe it to my kids without laughing or crying in frustration. How do any of you keep a straight face during all of the buffoonery or when spilling out gibberish in a pointless attempt at Trumpian apologetics? Or when claiming it's everyone else that's doing the things Republicans JUST DID last year like no one remembers? Or what about when helping to undermine journalism either directly or by doing absolutely nothing? Is having a place in the upper echelon of some '1984' inspired nightmare really worth it? Stop being scared of this clown who's making a mockery of literally EVERYTHING America stands for. If you're waiting for someone else to go first then you're, by definition, a terrible leader. Stand up. Represent all of us, Republican and Democrat alike because no matter what our individual views about governance are, we're ALL more American than Trump will ever be. You CANNOT wait until he crosses a line we don't yet know exists and takes even more power away from EVERYONE else. If nothing else, just think about the racist Bannon lurking there and pulling the strings. Do you think that you, Marco Rubio, fit into his definition of American? I'm half Choctaw, a people that have been here for 8,000 years, and I'm sure I wouldn't qualify. Finally, I hope you all realize that it's our children and their children that will be left holding the empty bag after we're all long gone. Money and power do not last. They never have. What does outlive us is the memory of what we did or did not do. Maybe that doesn't matter to you. But imagine your great-grandkids dealing with the fallout from either ignored climate change or from some ego-driven nuclear disaster that no one tried to stop. Thank you for taking the time to read this if you did. I really hope someone does."

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