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POLL: Should Betsy DeVos Have Been Confirmed?
by Countable
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  • Samuel

    This is disappointing. With people on social media sites ranting about how horrible President Trump is doing and that the US is experiencing a "breakdown of democracy," Countable has the gall to ask this. And, we have respondents overwhelmingly condemning the decision of the Senate. I understand people have bought into the idea that the newly appointed Secretary of Education is unfit for the job. Whatever ... the media has said so, and so it must be. I honestly have absolutely no opinion one way or the other about her. However, I do have this to say: being an educator doesn't necessarily qualify one to be a good manager of educators or even educational programs. (Think back to your childhood and how terrible [usually] the principal was as a substitute teacher.) A good educator doesn't equal a good manager, and vice versa. Let's shut up and see how she does and then give her fair and honest feedback.

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