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What's Congress Voting On? Week of February 6, 2017
by Countable
0 actions taken this week
  • Carole

    Vote NO on Jeff Sessions for AG!! MLK's wife believed him to not be impartial enough to serve as a judge... he CERTAINLY should not be in charge of the judicial system for our country!!!!! Please ask yourself... if this was a DEMOCRATIC pick, would I be behind this pick?? Would this be an ethical choice?? Seriously... close your eyes and REALLY pretend. And if the answer is no, then you cannot continue to confirm these unethical choices. We already have a disparity in our judicial system with more severe sentences handed down to people of color... we do not need MORE prejudice in the eyes of the law. I need to see more ethics coming from your votes in the senate, sir, or I will do everything within my power to see that you are defeated in the next election.

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