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POLL: Should Betsy DeVos Have Been Confirmed?
by Countable
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  • Beatrice

    This Hair-on-Fire approach to governing is burning our wonderful country to the ground. A full complement of know-nothings is bungling the show and when the dust settles, we will have a country more like Yemen than the United States. Education, environment, finance, housing and justice have all been tossed overboard by a childish old man who is not even competent to read the orders he is signing. Healthcare looks set to go the same way. The president believes lies because he seems only to read tabloids and watch Faux TV. His advisors are taking full advantage of his inability to understand the papers they put in front of him. Our long serving and dedicated intelligence providers are aghast at his indifference to their briefings. Our military is horrified at his unthinking gaffes which may well lead to war while our foes are filled with glee as they watch the sheer level of incompetence rise and rise. Our Congress and Senate prefer power to sane, responsible governance and all is lost. DeVoss is but one of a chain of dastardly ignorant destroyers. Patriots must do all they legally can while it is still legal to organize and vote. In less that two years, half of Congress will be up for re-election. Work as if your life depends upon it because it well may be so.

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