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senate Bill S. Joint Res. 48

A joint resolution providing for congressional disapproval of the proposed transfer to the United Arab Emirates certain defense articles and services.

joint resolution Progress

  • Not enacted
    The President has not signed this bill
  • The house has not voted
  • The senate Passed June 20th, 2019
    Roll Call Vote 51 Yea / 45 Nay
      senate Committees
      Committee on Foreign Relations
    IntroducedJune 5th, 2019

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    This is only here to try and hurt the president and ends up hurting everyone one else
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    If senators vote against this bill, like my senators Cruz and Cornyn did, they should be considered traitors to the United States. Treason is not a small thing. What did they get in return for their “Nay” vote? How much did they earn with this? Who did the sell out?