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senate Bill S. 867

Reforming Pharmacy Audits to Reduce Waste

Argument in favor

These are common sense reforms that will streamline the auditing process for pharmacies, and in turn reduce fraud & waste.

Argument opposed

This bill would undermine the ability of pharmacy benefit managers to detect pharmacy fraud, waste, and abuse in Medicare.

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      Committee on Finance
    IntroducedMay 6th, 2013
    PBMs have too much power currently. They need to be reigned in.
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    This bill can help break the cycle of racketeering that health insurers have made the norm for the industry, which allows them to pray on small businesses and smaller competitors the way organized crime leeches from it's community. While it doesn't far enough and call on insurers to make these changes industry-wide, Medicare plans are a good place to start the battle for transparency and fairness in health insurance practices. I am a pharmacy owner, and our biggest financial loss is a result of shady insurers and their dark practices which end up costing the patient and the system as a whole do much money and loss in quality of care.