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senate Bill S. 404

Preserving an Historic Lookout in Washington State

Argument in favor

Protects an iconic landmark and allows for continued visits to the lookout by current and future generations.

Argument opposed

Harms the Glacier Peak Wilderness and sets a dangerous precedent for the entire National Wilderness Preservation System.

bill Progress

  • EnactedApril 15th, 2014
    The President signed this bill into law
  • The house Passed April 7th, 2014
    Passed by Voice Vote
  • The senate Passed April 3rd, 2014
    Passed by Voice Vote
      senate Committees
      Committee on Energy and Natural Resources
      Public Lands, Forests, and Mining
    IntroducedFebruary 28th, 2013

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What is Senate Bill S. 404?

Prevents the Forest Service from removing a lookout building from the Glacier Peak Wilderness Area in Washington State unless the agency determines that the structure is unsafe for visitors. In 2012, a federal court ordered the Forest Service to remove the lookout structure; this act would keep it where it is. 


Impacts public lands and tourist dollars in and around the Glacier Peak Wilderness Area.

Cost of Senate Bill S. 404

Based on information provided by the Forest Service, CBO estimates that implementing the legislation would have no significant net impact on the federal budget.

More Information

Of Note:

-House companion bill is HR 908. 

-Built in 1933, the Green Mountain Lookout served as an early warning station to detect enemy aircraft during World War II. Today it is one of only 16 remaining fire lookouts originally managed by the USFS in Northwest Washington.

-So-called "extreme green" groups like Montana-based Wilderness Watch oppose preservation of the structure, stating that it degrades wilderness areas. 


Green Mountain Lookout Heritage Protection Act

Official Title

A bill to preserve the Green Mountain Lookout in the Glacier Peak Wilderness of the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.

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