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senate Bill S. 3815

Promoting Natural Gas and Electric Vehicles Act of 2010

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    IntroducedSeptember 21st, 2010

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Promoting Natural Gas and Electric Vehicles Act of 2010

Official Title

A bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to reduce oil consumption and improve energy security, and for other purposes.


Promoting Natural Gas and Electric Vehicles Act of 2010 - Establishes within the Department of Energy (DOE) a Natural Gas Vehicle and Infrastructure Development Program. Requires the Secretary of Energy to establish: (1) a rebate program for owners who convert or repower a conventionally fueled vehicle to a vehicle that operates on compressed or liquefied natural gas or to a mixed-fuel vehicle or a bi-fuel vehicle; (2) an infrastructure deployment program and a manufacturing development program to provide grants for installing natural gas refueling property and developing engines with reduced emissions, improved performance, and lower cost; and (3) a direct loan program to provide loans to manufacturers for the cost of reequipping, expanding, or establishing a facility that will be used for producing new alternative fuel motor vehicles or vehicle components. Establishes within DOE a national plug-in electric drive vehicle deployment program. Directs the Secretary of Energy to: (1) provide technical assistance to state, local, and tribal governments to create deployment programs for such vehicles; (2) make available to the public information regarding the cost, performance, usage data, and technical data regarding such vehicles and associated infrastructure; (3) carry out a national assessment and develop a national deployment plan; and (4) award grants for preparing a community deployment plan and for implementing programs that support such deployment. Directs the Secretary to develop and publish guidance for: (1) model building codes for charging infrastructure in new construction and major renovations of private residences, buildings, or other structures; (2) model construction permitting or inspection processes that allow for the expedited installation of charging infrastructure for purchasers of plug-in electric drive vehicles; and (3) model zoning, parking rules, or other local ordinances that facilitate the installation of, and allow for access to, publicly available charging infrastructure. Requires the Secretary to award grants to educational institutions to: (1) provide training and education for vocational workforce development to ensure that the workforce has the skills needed to work on and maintain plug-in electric drive vehicles and the infrastructure required to support them; and (2) establish programs to provide training and education in designing plug-in electric drive vehicles, components, and infrastructure to ensure U.S. leadership in this field. Directs: (1) the Federal Energy Management Program and the General Services Administration (GSA) to assess and report to Congress on the conversion of federal government fleets to plug-in electric drive vehicles; and (2) the Administrator of General Services to acquire plug-in electric drive vehicles and the requisite charging infrastructure to be deployed in a range of locations in the federal governmental fleets during a five-year period. Establishes within the national deployment program a targeted plug-in electric drive vehicle deployment communities program. Directs the Secretary to: (1) establish a program to fund research and development in advanced batteries, plug-in electric drive vehicle components, plug-in electric drive infrastructure, and related technologies; (2) implement a study on recycling of materials from plug-in electric drive vehicles; and (3) establish the Advanced Batteries for Tomorrow Prize for a 500-mile vehicle battery. Establishes in the Treasury the 500-mile Battery Fund. Directs the Secretary of the Interior to study and report to Congress on: (1) the raw materials needed for the manufacture of components for plug-in electric drive vehicles; and (2) the infrastructure needed to support such vehicles. Amends the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978 (PURPA) to require each electric utility to develop a plan to support the use of plug-in electric drive vehicles in its service area. Amends the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 to direct the Secretary of Energy to guarantee loans for the aggregate purchase of not fewer than 200 qualified automotive batteries in a calendar year that have a total minimum power rating of 1 megawatt and that use advanced battery technology. Amends the Energy Policy Act of 2005 to authorize the Secretary to make loan guarantees for charging infrastructure for plug-in drive electric vehicles if the infrastructure will be operational before December 31, 2016. Requires an advanced battery from a plug-in electric drive vehicle to be disposed of in accordance with the Solid Waste Disposal Act. Establishes the Plug-in Electric Drive Vehicle Technical Advisory Committee. Directs the President to establish the Plug-in Electric Drive Vehicle Interagency Task Force to ensure awareness, coordination, and integration of the activities of the federal government relating to plug-in electric drive vehicles. Amends the Internal Revenue Code to increase the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund financing rate to 21 cents a barrel.

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