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    IntroducedJuly 27th, 2010

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Official Title

A bill to establish as a standing order of the Senate that a Senator publicly disclose a notice of intent to objecting to any measure or matter.


Establishes a standing order applicable to a notice of intent to object to a unanimous consent request (covered request) to: (1) proceed to a bill, resolution, joint resolution, concurrent resolution, conference report, or amendment (measure) between the chambers; (2) pass a measure or dispose of an amendment between the chambers; or (3) dispose of a nomination. Requires the majority and minority leaders of the Senate (or their designees) to recognize a notice of intent to object to a covered request of a Senator who is a member of their caucus if the Senator: (1) submits the notice in writing to the appropriate leader and grants in it permission for the leader (or designee) to object in the Senator's name; and (2) within one session day after such submission also submits to the Congressional Record and to the Legislative Clerk for inclusion in the applicable calendar a notice of the Senator's intent to object to the covered request. Prescribes a specific form for the notice of intent to object. Requires the Legislative Clerk to add the information from the notice of intent to object to the applicable calendar section entitled "Notices of Intent to Object to Proceeding." Authorizes a Senator to have a notice of intent to object relating to that Senator removed from a calendar to which it was added by submitting for inclusion in the Congressional Record a notice, in a specified form, stating that the Senator does not object to proceeding to the covered request in question. Requires the Legislative Clerk to list in the applicable "Notice of Intent to Object to Proceeding" calendar section the Senator who made the objection to a covered request if the Senator has notified his or her leader of the intent to object but fails to submit the required notice to the Legislative Clerk within one session day following the leader's (or designee's) objection on that Senator's behalf.

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