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senate Bill S. 3072

The Nearly $63 Billion FY2019 Funding Package for Commerce, Justice, and Science Agencies

Argument in favor

This bipartisan bill would support vital federal law enforcement activities, job training programs, and promote trade, in addition to funding scientific research and space exploration.

Although I’m not thrilled that this appropriations package will cost $1.73 billion more than 2018, it’s a strong bipartisan bill that effectively funds many important priorities.
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Argument opposed

This bill doesn’t do enough to fund vital scientific research, job training, and criminal justice programs. Alternatively, it doesn’t do enough to reduce spending.

Andrew's Opinion
Why are funds for NASA and the FBI in the same bill? We need to end these "bus" bills and do one issue at a time!
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      Committee on Appropriations
    IntroducedJune 14th, 2018