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senate Bill S. 1979

Safe Freight Act of 2019

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      Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation
    IntroducedJune 26th, 2019
    Wake up America and pay attention to what is being shipped thru your cities and backyards. Railroads are trying to pull a set of eyes out of the locomotive cabs to pad corporate profits. The length of these trains are exceeding 3 miles and the tonnage of these trains is growing by the day. Rail companies, in order to compete with each other and trucks due to growing freight demands, are jeopardizing American citizens safety by trying to go to One man crews. I work these trains everyday and they are a nightmare much of the time. They’ve already thrown safeguards such as train compliance out the window with Precision railroading and now are cutting labor to run these behemoth trains. Safety is an expense for companies and in time you’ll see the results of their money saving ways. Support American labor and support American citizens safety! Support this Bill and don’t get Railroaded!!
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    Once again, railroads are trying to put the safety of American citizens at jeopardy for the all might dollar. They continually put safety aside for the general public, and their employees, so that they can make an even larger profit than they already do. I know, because I have been employed by one of these railroads for about 22 years. Trains are getting longer and heavier while they are continually trying to do this with less crew members on these monsters. Most trains only have 2 people on them now. Railroads are wanting to cut that number in half in order to make a larger profit. Guess what's next... nobody on a train that's 3 miles long and carrying chemicals that could wipe out and entire town. This idea that it's ok to put citizens life at risk for the profit of companies that have proven time and time again that it has no concern for you or your loved ones has to be stopped. Thank you for your time.
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