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senate Bill S. 1573

Military Family Relief Act

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      senate Committees
      Committee on Veterans' Affairs
    IntroducedOctober 16th, 2013
    Let’s think about this. So, a spouse must deal with the loss of their husband or wife. Get used to the term “widow”. Arrange any and all funeral arrangements, and absorb the cost. Console their children if any. Have either their only source of income or dual household income drop immediately to a single income. Seek & arrange for their self and children any counseling needed. Potentially deal with a probate issue etc. This is income that a veteran and their family sacrificed for & earned. To add more stress to the spouse is egregious. The grief alone is enough. I know! I’m 5 mths in to my claim and still waiting due to case load. AND- to top it off with a slap in the face is spending $30 million on a parade for Veterans Day to honor our military. WHAT??? If you want to honor them, put that money into the egregiously under funded veterans programs, the VA, and mental healthcare system. PAY THOSE WIDOWED SPOUSES SO THEY MAY GRIEVE WITHOUT FINANCIAL HARDSHIP!!!!