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senate Bill S. 1542


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      Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions
    IntroducedSeptember 24th, 2013
    The mentality underlying this bill is, like so many others of late, flawed on its face. The way to happiness will never be through clinging and self-centeredness. Those that have little, but practice generosity know this well. I work with students in a public school that come from all over the globe. The reasons their families leave home are unquestionable; indeed, nobody leaves their home without a good reason. The conditions they leave behind are, in many cases, completely shocking to my sensibilities. If we consider our conditions as Americans, even when we are stretched very thin, in comparison to some of these situations, we might be able to gain a little perspective. On the basis of that perspective, perhaps we can find it in our hearts to craft policy that is more generous and kind. It will benefit others, surely, but we will likely be the first to benefit when we feel the power that love and kindness confers upon our souls. As our leaders, I urge you to move away from this bill and toward legislation with heart.
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