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house Bill H.R. 6685


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Official Title

To protect the Nation's law enforcement officers by banning the Five-seveN Pistol and 5.7 x 28mm SS190, SS192, SS195LF, SS196, and SS197 cartridges, testing handguns and ammunition for capability to penetrate body armor, and prohibiting the manufacture, importation, sale, or purchase of such handguns or ammunition by civilians.


Protect Law Enforcement Armor Act or the PLEA Act - Amends the federal criminal code to: (1) expand the definition of "armor piercing ammunition" to include a projectile that may be used in a handgun and that is determined by the Attorney General to be capable of penetrating body armor; and (2) require the Attorney General to promulgate standards for the uniform testing of projectiles against Body Armor Exemplar (body armor that the Attorney General determines meets minimum standards for the protection of law enforcement officers), taking into account variations in performance related to the type of handgun used, the length of the barrel, the amount and kind of powder used to propel the projectile, and the projectile's design. Prohibits the manufacture, sale, possession, or transfer of the Fabrique Nationale Herstal Five-seveN Pistol, 5.7 x 28mm SS190, SS192, SS195LF, SS196, or SS197 cartridges, or any other handgun that uses armor piercing ammunition, except: (1) where manufactured and sold exclusively to U.S. military, law enforcement, or intelligence agencies; and (2) by a licensed manufacturer or contractor for the purpose of examining and testing to determine whether such prohibition applies.

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    IntroducedDecember 19th, 2012

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