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house Bill H.R. 6393

Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017

bill Progress

  • Not enacted
    The President has not signed this bill
  • The senate has not voted
  • The house Passed November 30th, 2016
    Roll Call Vote 390 Yea / 30 Nay
    IntroducedNovember 22nd, 2016

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    So from what I understand, this bill provides the following: Re-naming and re-editing sections of previous intelligence bills to make them more up to date with the current names of roles/departments in the intelligence community; providing better benefits to retired intelligence officials, and the families of intelligence officials; stronger counter-intelligence against Russia (that bit is pretty interesting, and I recommend reading it in full); declassifying information about individuals held at Guantanamo Bay; creating a new museum dedicated to the history of the intelligence community, which will provide the public with a in-depth view of various artifacts, letters, history, etc.; and improvement of the classification/declassification system, which as the public has learned in the past year, could use some re-structuring. If I have missed anything, please let me know!
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    My understanding of HR6393 was based on propaganda specific Russia. The read out here is not specific, I understand it to be an attack on our first amendment and a way to shut down conservative news sources as fake news. If this is the reality of this bill I am very much against it. I want to have the choice to accept or reject for myself information. We have seen from this past election the MSN colluding with HRC. It's a fact that some have political agendas. This bill should be rejected and go no further if it is indeed a tool to be used to forever silence the truth. I'm real confused on what the reality of this bill is about. I now understand this congress passed this treason bill and Obama signed it into law. Making us controlled like N.Korea. Radio free America, Disinformation and propaganda this law put all free speech under federal control. Dark day for our first amendment. Not surprised that not a word about this passing law written in Countable. What's Obamas plan to tell the American ppl Russians helped get him elected so he's going to deny him and become the first 3 term. Satan minions betrays Israel, betrays us. I'd say from his recent visit to Saudi Arabia that is who he truly is alliance with. One intent to destroy Israel being where our Messiah came from and America the once free. I'm planning if Trump doesn't get in I'm disconnecting from the internet. I won't be a part of the Satanic minion mind controlling and brainwashing internet the web, the snare that the Bible speaks about.
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