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house Bill H.R. 5059

Love Lives On Act of 2016

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      house Committees
      Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs
      Committee on Veterans' Affairs
    IntroducedApril 26th, 2016
    This is an antiquated way of managing military survivor pensions. You have a generation of young widows having to "put their life on hold" by making a decision between financial security, including health and education benefits or finding love again. These pensions were paid into by the service-member and should be upheld regardless of remarriage.
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    As an American, and a Marine Corps widow, I cannot fathom in a country as great as ours WHY I do not have the freedom to remarry without restriction of age or financial prosecution. My husband, like so many men and women, have defended our freedoms with their blood. It's time congress step up and honor that sacrifice. It's time for our elected representatives to care for the very widows and orphans who have carried the true debt of our freedoms and wars.
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