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house Bill H.R. 46

To repeal the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

bill Progress

  • Not enacted
    The President has not signed this bill
  • The senate has not voted
  • The house has not voted
      house Committees
      Committee on Agriculture
      General Farm Commodities and Risk Management
      Committee on Financial Services
      Committee on the Budget
      Committee on Energy and Commerce
      Consumer Protection and Commerce
      Committee on Oversight and Reform
      Committee on Small Business
      Committee on the Judiciary
      Committee on Ways and Means
    IntroducedJanuary 3rd, 2013

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Official Title

To repeal the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.


Repeals the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Revives or restores the provisions of law amended by such Act as if it had not been enacted.
    This was put in place to protect the people. It was to prevent the economy crisis / bailout from happening again.
    These rules were put into place for a reason. They've helped keep banks in check since the great depression beginning with that huge bank crash. We do not need to allow anything like that to happen again.
    Idk if this is still gonna go to a vote or if it passed or didn’t already seems the bills are a bit old to still be not settled if there still working on this bill seems the gov is moving at alarming super slow snail pace that’s a problem in itself but either way why would you even take this to the floor if you deregulate the banks again in 10 yrs we will100% most certainly replay 2008 again but far worse banks sole purpose is to make money these institutions are so interwoven into the economy an the individuals lives that common sense an history show us what people will do for money there is nothing that’s off limits so allowing a financial institution who employs ppl to solely make money (investment banking sector) is so absurd it goes in opposite direction of any one who truly wants to protect the people or are elected officials are just that stupid but I think most ppl know that all elected officials are corrupt an bought by lobbyists (casino jack) told us this they put him in jail these leaders are so fake they lie so much they don’t even know what’s true anymore there talking heads puppets an money is there puppet master they will say an so anything for a piece of paper with a picture on it sold there souls for something that’s not even real or have any true value in the grand ol picture sure are society use it as tool to exchange goods and services but it’s not value it’s only perceived to have value perception is reality same goes for fiat money vote in favor of your god money