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house Bill H.R. 3669

Federal Probation System Reform Act

    The pretrial services Office has WAY too much power already. Basically whatever that officer puts in the PSR/presentencing report is what their sentence is based on. There is WAY WAY WAY too much leeway granted them in the sentencing guidelines. WAY too much latitude when it comes to relevant conduct and WAY too much leeway when it comes to content formed on opinion and non-factual statements in the report. Anyone the pretrial services officer interviews can say whatever they want and they have the leeway to skew it how they want and put in it leave out whatever they want in that report. If the people interviewed were under oath and subject to purgury and defamation charges if they lied then it might be more fair. However basically if the pretrial services officer likes or dislikes a person they can write a favorable or damning review and recommendation and most judges go by what the officer recommends which is downright injustice.