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house Bill H.R. 3211

Changes to Mortgage Reform: Altering Factors That Determine Points and Fees

Argument in favor

Improves access to credit and qualified mortgages for low- and moderate-income borrowers. More people would have access to a qualified mortgage, and this would in turn would be a step toward the revitalization of the U.S. housing market.

Argument opposed

Weakens mortgage reform. Undermines consumer protection. Provides incentives for lenders to steer families into high-risk, high-fee loans they do not understand and cannot afford, effectively recreating one of the catalysts for the 2007-08 financial crisis.

bill Progress

  • Not enacted
    The President has not signed this bill
  • The senate has not voted
  • The house Passed June 9th, 2014
    Passed by Voice Vote
      house Committees
      Committee on Financial Services
    IntroducedSeptember 28th, 2013

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