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house Bill H.R. 2457

J. Bennett Johnston Waterway Hydropower Extension Act of 2017

bill Progress

  • Not enacted
    The President has not signed this bill
  • The senate has not voted
      senate Committees
      Water and Power Subcommittee
      Committee on Energy and Natural Resources
  • The house Passed June 12th, 2017
    Roll Call Vote 402 Yea / 1 Nay
      house Committees
      Committee on Energy and Commerce
    IntroducedMay 16th, 2017

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    Damn the dams. Rivers must flow unimpeded. Instead of building Dams figure out how to place non polluting generators in the moving waters. A better idea than building another structure that impedes flow. Their idea is so 1930 and my idea is today!!!
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    The consequence on ecosystems due to daming will be drastic and we will affect humans in the end (ex: When the fish die because they can't swim upstream past the dam, or there's not enough water in the stream/river because of the dam.) It will affect the entire food chain. We need more aware and responsible of our impact on the planet.
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    No to dams! THey destroy the waterway, the eco-system, the riparian area, and the recreational use of the river! They also cause loss of precious water due to evaporation. Learn the lessons from past dams. Pursue solar, wind and geothermal instead.