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house Bill H.R. 2356

Restricting Monitoring Technology in Home Media Devices

Argument in favor

Consumers should have the choice of whether or not they want their media devices to monitor them, and be able to be aware of when the devices are doing so.

Argument opposed

Such devices would optimize consumers' viewing experiences, and sometimes it gets lonely watching 12-hour Storage Wars marathons by yourself.

bill Progress

  • Not enacted
    The President has not signed this bill
  • The senate has not voted
  • The house has not voted
      house Committees
      Committee on Energy and Commerce
      Consumer Protection and Commerce
    IntroducedJune 13th, 2013
    I think it's not right to be spying on the people who haven't done anything wrong. If you truly must know what goes on in someone's life/ business watch and listen to those who have been in and out of prison. Those who are a true threat to the society not groups of people you think are a threat but the ones who's already committed the crime and has been through the system!
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