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house Bill H.R. 2324

Is It Time To End The Authorization For Military Force Against The Taliban and Al Qaeda?

Argument in favor

It wasn’t Congress’ intention to authorize a war without end in the aftermath of 9/11, and the current anti-terror operations that are ongoing around the world should have their own authorizations.

EricRevell's Opinion
I'd prefer that the previous AUMF was ended, and a new AUMF authorizing actions against the Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS, and their affiliates replaced it.
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Argument opposed

The Taliban and Al Qaeda may have been weakened over the last 13 years, but they still pose a threat to regional security. It may become necessary for the U.S. to re-engage them to prevent Afghanistan’s fall, as has been the case in Iraq with ISIS.

Cecilia's Opinion
They are a threat to the entire world not just their home territory.
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    IntroducedJune 11th, 2013