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house Bill H.R. 1895

Florida Coastal Protection Act

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    The President has not signed this bill
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      house Committees
      Committee on Natural Resources
      Energy and Mineral Resources
    IntroducedApril 20th, 2015
    Don't let the title of the bill fool you! This is part of the Left's war on fossil fuels. Of course we need to protect our coastal areas, but not THIS way! Oh, and BTW, the UN wants to control ours oceans and coastal waters! Don't believe me? Read up on their Agendas 21 & 30. And clearly the Obama Administration and his loyal Democrat toadies don't care if it costs us our SOVEREIGNTY! You gotta watch out for the sneaky ways they try to make the UN goals part of our own laws! Do you WANT THE UNITED NATIONS INTERFERING IN OUR AFFAIRS? I don't!
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    We need to protect our water for future generations. America is trying to move more towards clean energy anyways. This could be one of the bills that gives it a little push.
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    Of course we need to protect our beautiful state!