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house Bill H.R. 1094

Banning the Slaughter of Horses

Argument in favor

Protects public health.

Argument opposed

Limits the U.S. livestock market.

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      house Committees
      Committee on Agriculture
      Committee on Energy and Commerce
    IntroducedMarch 12th, 2013
    There are humane way to control over population of horses! Killing is not the answer!
    The largest inhumane treatment beyond an ultimate inhumane manner of death is the in the shipping of horses across Canadian and Mexican borders. Horses are stacked without food and water for long periods of time in all types of weather conditions without adequate food and water. The loads are composed of very old, very young and pregnant animals, and all ages and sizes in between. Many are trampled or injured on the trip without adequate medical care. Horses in this country are not raised as consumable livestock and should not be designated as such in this country or out.
    There are other ways to limit over-population of horses, like the PZP vaccine which has proven to be effective. Yet, our government is rounding up horses all around the country, claiming the horses are underfed/watered. They are rounded up with helicopters. :( Some are immediately put down. Others are sold at auctions. Current laws allow foreign countries to buy lots of horses of 25 at a time for slaughter houses. Our national heritage...these majestic creatures...are allowed to be slaughtered. This is not okay.