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house Bill H. Joint Res. 54

A Constitutional Amendment Declaring Foreign and Religious Laws, Like, Totally Lame

Argument in favor

If a judge has amnesia and forgets what country he/she is in, the Constitution will be able to help him or her remember.

Argument opposed

Separation of church and state is so PlayStation 3. Other countries' laws have better food, movies and museums.

joint resolution Progress

  • Not enacted
    The President has not signed this bill
  • The senate has not voted
  • The house has not voted
      house Committees
      Committee on the Judiciary
      Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
    IntroducedJuly 24th, 2013

What is House Bill H. Joint Res. 54?

This joint resolution would amend the U.S. Constitution and invalidate any court decision based on “international laws, treaties, or religious laws.” 


This joint resolution would alter the U.S. Constitution.

Cost of House Bill H. Joint Res. 54

No impact on the federal budget.

More Information


Of Note:

Official Title

Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States relating to the use of foreign law as authority in Federal courts.

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