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LATE BREAKING: Trump Signals Standoff on Border Wall, Pardon for Convicted Sheriff & More

by Countable | 8.23.17

President Trump held another of his signature "Make America Great Again" rallies on Tuesday evening, this time in Phoenix, Arizona. Thousands of protesters mobbed the city’s convention center, while inside thousands of supporters cheered-on the President.

What you need to know:

On immigration: President Trump amped-up his supporters with calls of, "Do the people in this room like Sheriff Joe?" Former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio is an immigration hard-liner who was convicted for continuing to target Latinos, against a court’s order. The crowd responded with cheers. Though Trump didn’t announce a pardon for Arpaio, he came about as close as he could get. “I’ll make a prediction, I think he’s going to be just fine. I won’t do it tonight, because I don’t want to cause any controversy, but Sheriff Joe can feel good.”

On the border wall: Trump sent a warning to Congress: "If we have to close down the government, we’re building that wall." That appears to be an explicit threat to lawmakers that the president intends to stall funding for basic government operations unless they fund his plans for a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

On trade with Mexico & Canada: Trump said he will "probably terminate NAFTA." The President told the crowd that the U.S. has “been so badly taken advantage of,” that “personally, I don't think [we] can make a deal.” If a mutual agreement to reform the North American Free Trade Agreement can’t be met, the President said, the U.S. will withdraw.

On Charlottesville: Trump said he condemned "the thugs who perpetuate hatred and violence," and claimed his comments on the matter had been unfairly covered by the media. He repeated many of his earlier statements about the events in Charlottesville , while omitting his remarks that “many sides” were responsible.

On the media: The President directed his harshest wrath toward journalists, even pointing to reporters and TV crews in the audience, and calling the media "truly dishonest people." His supporters responded with loud jeering and booing.Trump did praise Fox News, however, and specifically conservative personality Sean Hannity for their “fair” coverage—but warned he would call them out, too, if they crossed him.

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Josh Herman


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