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Attack at Ohio State University, Corps Won’t Remove DAPL Protesters and More You Missed in Politics Today

by Countable | 3.20.17

It’s difficult to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in this country and to break through the clutter, so we’re here to make it easier. Here’s what we at Countable are reading today:

1. "At least 10 injured in Ohio State University attack; suspect dead"

"A young man deliberately rammed students with a car on the campus of Ohio State University and then jumped out to stab them on Monday morning, setting off a campus-wide lockdown and a mass active shooter alert, officials said. The man was quickly shot dead by a campus officer nearby… Ohio officials said it appears this is possibly an act of terrorism, and the FBI and ATF have been sent in to help investigate."

"At least 10 people were wounded during the incident, with one person in critical condition. All of the injured appear to have either stabbing or blunt trauma wounds, said Andrew Thomas, the chief medical officer at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center."

Read more at CBS News.

2. "Corps won’t forcibly remove protesters from federal land"

"The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says it has “no plans for forcible removal" of protesters who have been camping in North Dakota to protest the Dakota Access oil pipeline... The Corps says in a statement that it “is seeking a peaceful and orderly transition to a safer location.”

The Corps told tribal leaders that it would close federal lands north of the Cannonball River from public access over "safety concerns" on Dec. 5. “The agency says those who choose to stay do so at their own risk. The Corps says anyone on the property north of the Cannonball River after that date will be trespassing and subject to prosecution… The land to be closed includes the main protest camp, about 50 miles south of Bismarck.”

Read more at The Associated Press.

3. "Wisconsin rejects hand recount mandate"

"The Wisconsin Elections Commission set a timetable Monday for a recount of the presidential election but rejected a request to require a count by hand made by Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who quickly responded that she would sue."

Federal law requires that all questions over the outcome of a presidential election be decided within 35 days of the election so as not to interfere with the work of the Electoral College. The recount is expected to conclude on December 13, just six days before the Electoral College meets.

Read more at Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

4. "Michigan certifies Donald Trump as winner of state’s presidential race"

Just shy of three weeks after Election Day, Donald Trump was formally declared the winner of Michigan, becoming the first Republican presidential candidate to win the state since George H.W. Bush in 1988.

"Trump won the state by 10,704 votes -- a mere two-tenths of a percentage point -- the tightest presidential race in the state’s almost 200-year history. The result pushes Donald Trump’s total to 306 electoral votes to 232 electoral votes for Hillary Clinton."

Read more at ABC News.

5. "Nearly 10,000 civilians flee east Aleppo: monitor"

"Nearly 10,000 civilians have fled battered eastern Aleppo towards government-held districts and the Kurdish-controlled neighbourhood of Sheikh Maksoud, a monitoring group said Sunday."

"Government forces retook six rebel-held districts of eastern Aleppo over the weekend, forcing huge numbers of civilians to flee as they pressed their offensive SUnday to retake Syria’s second city."

Read more at Yahoo! News (via AFP).

— Eric Revell
Photo by Flickr user FIbonacci Blue


Written by Countable

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  • Loren

    The water protectors in ND are righteous in their cause. No DAPL!

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  • Rob

    So do the Corps own the land they're shutting down? How can the prosecute trespassers otherwise?

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  • Loraki

    Ohio State University Jihad Attacker Praised Al Qaeda Imam and Attacked America on Facebook Minutes Before the Attack By Pamela Geller - on November 28, 2016 Jihad in America • The more evidence points to jihad at Ohio State University, the more furiously and fiercely the enemedia scrubs, censors, whitewashes. Sharia-adherence in the wake of a jihad attack on our children. A Facebook post by Abdul Razak Ali Artan rants against America and lauds Anwar Awlaki, imam to the most bloodthirsty Muslim terrorists. Ohio state jihad knifeman ranted about how he was ‘sick and tired of seeing my fellow Muslim brothers being killed and tortured’ on social media hours before wounding 11. In this ABC News report, ABC correspondents Brian Ross and his fellow knuckleheads scratch their heads and wonder aloud why Abdul Razak Ali Artan, who was welcomed so warmly by fellow students at OSU, would have done this. Their stupefying blindness is astonishing. Officials Investigating Anti-US Facebook Rant Believed Linked to OSU Attacker By Brian Ross, Mike Levine, Josh Margolis, Aaron Katersky, ABC News, November 28, 2016: Authorities are investigating an anti-U.S. rant posted on Facebook just minutes before the Ohio State University attack today that is believed to be linked to suspect Abdul Razak Ali Artan, sources told ABC News. Appearing three minutes before the beginning of the rampage that left 11 people injured, the post reads: “I can’t take it anymore. America! Stop interfering with other countries, especially the Muslim Ummah. We are not weak. We are not weak, remember that.” The post also invokes the name Anwar Al-Awlaki, a radical American-born al-Qaeda cleric, describing him as a “hero.” Al-Awlaki was killed in 2011 but his propaganda has been linked to several domestic terrorist attacks in the years after his death. “If you want us Muslims to stop carrying lone wolf attacks, then make peace,” the post reads. “We will not let you sleep unless you give peace to the Muslims.” The post, which was on a page that appears to have since been disabled, takes the form of a photo of a computer screen displaying a text document. Authorities identified Artan as the attacker in a press conference this afternoon, but said they have not determined a motive and the investigation is ongoing. Sources told ABC News that he is of Somali descent and is a legal permanent resident in the United States. Officials said that this morning’s attack began when the assailant drove a vehicle into several people before exiting and slashing victims with a knife. The attack comes as the ISIS terror group has been urging its followers in recent weeks to copy the vehicle attack that took place in Nice, France, when 84 people were killed by a terrorist driving a semi-truck through a Bastille Day celebration. And it comes two days after the terror group published a video instructing its followers on how to use a knife to attack non-believers. ISIS is not mentioned in the Facebook post. “So many people, who are flipped by ISIS propaganda remotely, look like they are leading successful lives,” said Richard Clarke, an ABC News contributor and former U.S. National Coordinator for Security and Counter-terrorism. “It’s so hard to predict when the propaganda will get through to them to the point where they crack and go violent.” As the attack unfolded, a police officer near the scene responded almost immediately, shooting and killing the attacker within about a minute of the beginning of the attack. Several of the knife attack victims have been treated at nearby hospitals and are expected to survive. See More: Suspect Dead After Driving Into Crowd, Stabbing People at Ohio State University Just three months ago an OSU student named Abdul Razak Artan was quoted in OSU’s college newspaper, The Lantern, as he discussed his troubles finding a place to pray on his new campus. “I wanted to pray in the open, but I was kind of scared with everything going on in the media. I’m a Muslim, it’s not what the media portrays me to be,” he is quoted in the paper as saying. “If people look at me, a Muslim praying, I don’t know what they’re going to think, what’s going to happen. But I don’t blame them. It’s the media that put that picture in their heads, so they’re just going to have it, and it — it’s going to make them feel uncomfortable.” In The Lantern, Artan said he is a transfer from Columbus State, presumably Columbus State Community College. Online records from that school said he graduated from there in May with an associate of arts degree. Asked about Artan, the vice president of marketing and communications at Columbus State told ABC News in a statement, “Abdul Razak Ali Artan was enrolled at Columbus State Community College from autumn semester 2014 through summer semester 2016. He graduated with an associate of arts degree in spring of 2016 and then continued taking additional noncredit classes through summer semester 2016.” ABC News’ Randy Kreider, Cho Park Lee Ferran and Paul Blake contributed to this report.

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