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Your Turn: What to Do About Afghanistan

by Countable | 8.21.17

President Donald Trump will deliver an address to the nation Monday night at 9pm EDT outlining the administration’s strategy for the war in Afghanistan, which is already the longest military conflict in U.S. history as it approaches its 16th year.

Prior to his election as president, Trump called for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, but tonight he is expected to announce plans to deploy additional troops to help train the Afghan military and carry out counterterrorism missions.

The war has come at a heavy toll — over 2,200 American troops have been killed and another 20,000 wounded in Afghanistan at a cost of $714 billion.

Advisers fear that a withdrawal would likely result in the Taliban toppling the Afghan government, which would provide terror groups on the ground in the country such as Al Qaeda, ISIS, and the Haqqani Network with a safe haven.

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— Eric Revell


Written by Countable

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