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Trump Meets with Obama, Ex-Rep. Aaron Schock Indicted and More You Missed in Politics Today

by Countable | 11.10.16

It’s difficult to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in this country and to break through the clutter, so we’re here to make it easier. Here’s what we at Countable are reading today:

1. "Obama Hosts Trump at White House for First Meeting After Election"

President Obama and President-Elect Donald Trump met for the first time since the election at the White House on Thursday, where Obama said that "they had an ‘excellent’ and ‘wide-ranging’ conversation covering domestic and foreign policy issues. Trump said he looked forward to working with Obama in the future and would seek his counsel."

"Mr. President, it was a great honor being with you, and I look forward being with you many, many more times," Trump said.

Read more at NBC News.

2. "Former Rep. Aaron Schock being indicted, his lawyer says"

Former Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL), who resigned last year after reporters uncovered "questionable patterns" in spending by his office that could represent a misuse of federal money, will be indicted by the Dept. of Justice today. Schock “appeared not to disclose trips abroad” on required financial disclosures while serving in Congress (some of which were paid for lobbyists and other interest groups) and took a federal reimbursement for 170,000 miles driven on his personal car, even though *Politico *later found that it had been “sold with 80,000 miles on it.” Schock denies any wrongdoing and says that all of the incidents were honest mistakes in accounting.

Read more at Politico.

3. "Trump election helps spur top Obamacare signups this month"

"More than 100,000 consumers signed up Wednesday for Obamacare plans, the most of any day since open enrollment started Nov.1, the Obama administration said Thursday." The jump in enrollments came the same day that Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) renewed their vows to repeal the law early next year.

Read more at USA Today.

4. "Trump rally Day 2: Dow hits record high; Nasdaq slides"

"The Dow surged 218 points and blasted to a new closing high, marking Day 2 of the "Trump Bounce" as Wall Street fears related to Donald Trump’s stunning election win gave way to hopes that the president-elect's policies could boost the economy. But the Trump rally was not broad-based, as sectors that the candidate unleashed attacks on — technology companies, Obamacare, emerging markets, took a hit."

Read more at USA Today.

5. "Protesters target Trump buildings in massive street rallies"

"Tens of thousands" of protesters “filled the streets in at least 25 U.S. cities overnight” Wednesday night, demonstrating against Donald Trump’s election, including outside of his properties. “While most protesters were peaceful, dozens were arrested. At least three officers were wounded. And about 40 fires were set in one California city.”

Read more at CNN.

— Sarah Mimms
Images via, Gage Skidmore/Flickr


Written by Countable

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