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Trump Amends Travel Ban To Extend Legal Battle

by Countable | 6.16.17

The Trump administration moved to amend the start date of its proposed 90-day travel ban Wednesday, the same day the ban was set to expire.

According to Reuters, "the amendment appears intended to avoid the administration's legal case at the U.S. Supreme Court becoming moot on grounds that parts of the executive order have expired."

The Supreme Court is currently considering two challenges to the ban, which have placed its implementation on hold. If the case was moot because the ban has expired, the nine justices would have no reason to rule on it and lower court rulings against the administration would remain in place.

The administration has also requested that the ban go into effect once the Supreme Court has reached its decision, likely in the fall, when the lower courts' injunctions could be lifted.

The Supreme Court gave the administration additional time on Tuesday to file papers in response to a lower court ruling upholding a block on the ban. That action likely delayed any Supreme Court decision on the ban going into effect until at least next week, reports Reuters.

Should the administration be allowed to delay the start date of their travel ban, extending their chance for a legal defense? Use the Take Action button to tell your reps what you think!

— Asha Sanaker

(Photo Credit: Daderot / Creative Commons)


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