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Sources: Special Counsel Investigating Trump for Possible Obstruction of Justice

by Countable | 6.14.17

According to an anonymously sourced report by The Washington Post, Special Counsel Robert Mueller is broadening the investigation into Russia’s electoral meddling to include whether President Donald Trump tried to obstruct the probe.

Several senior intelligence officials, including Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, Admiral Mike Rogers who leads the National Security Agency, and Rogers’s former deputy Richard Ledgett could meet with investigators this week. Both Coats and Rogers were reportedly asked by Trump to publicly deny that there’s no evidence his presidential campaign coordinated with Russian operatives, while Ledgett wrote a memo detailing Rogers’s call with Trump.

In a hearing last week, Coats told lawmakers that he never felt pressured to intervene in the investigation while Rogers declined to answer. Neither offered details of their conversations with the president in the hearing’s open session.

The news comes less than a week after former FBI Director James Comey testified before Congress about his conversations with Trump regarding the investigation. Comey told the president on three occasions that he wasn’t the subject of an FBI probe, though the former director believes that Trump fired him because he refused to publicly deny that the president is the target of an investigation.

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— Eric Revell

(Photo Credit: Tennessee National Guard Public Affairs / Public Domain)


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