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Sessions to be Grilled on Russia & Recusal

by Countable | 6.13.17

In the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, questions for Jeff Sessions are likely to focus on two issues — Sessions’ contacts with Russian officials and the handling of his related recusal from the ongoing Russia investigation.

In former-FBI Director James Comey’s testimony in front of the Committee last week, he stated two important things regarding the Attorney General. One, in a February 14 meeting Comey testified that President Trump raised the possibility of Comey dropping the criminal investigation of Michael Flynn. Following that meeting, Comey stated that he and the leadership of the F.B.I. decided not to share the details of the president’s statements regarding Flynn with Sessions because they had information suggesting Sessions was going to imminently recuse himself from the Russia investigation. Additionally, Comey asserted there was intelligence he could not discuss in an unclassified hearing that "would make [Sessions] continued engagement in a Russia-related investigation problematic."

What contacts did Sessions have with Russian officials? Were there contacts that he has not yet reported?

The second issue raised in Comey’s hearing that will likely be the focus of committee members is Sessions’ involvement in Comey’s firing. If, as President Trump has stated publicly, Comey was fired over the Russia investigation and Sessions had recused himself, why was he involved in the decision to fire Comey? President Trump has maintained that he consulted both Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for input regarding Comey’s dismissal.

Watch a clip of last week’s hearing below where Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) questions Comey on both these issues. Expect Wyden to return to this testimony in questioning Sessions today.

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— Asha Sanaker

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia / Creative Commons)


Written by Countable

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