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Trump Files Travel Ban Appeal With Supreme Court

by Countable | 6.2.17

The Trump administration appealed to the Supreme Court on Thursday, asking for the temporary restraining orders imposed by lower courts on the administration’s revised travel ban to be lifted. The travel ban has been put on hold by federal courts, including the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, which weighed in with its ruling on the matter a week ago.

Five of the Supreme Court’s justices would need to approve of the administration’s request to lift the injunctions imposed by lower courts, which if granted would effectively reinstate the travel ban while it awaits a full hearing before the Supreme Court this fall. When deciding to grant the stay, justices would review the case’s legal documents and make their decision in private, so there’d be no oral arguments at that stage. A decision on whether to grant the administration’s request for a stay of the injunctions will likely come in the next few weeks before the justices leave for their summer break at the end of June.

Regardless of whether the stay is granted, as long as four of the Supreme Court’s nine justices want to bring the case up for review the travel ban will get its day in the nation’s highest court in the fall, a likely outcome given the level of attention on the matter. That would put the travel ban in position to be one of the first cases justices hear oral arguments for when they return in October.

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— Eric Revell

(Photo Credit: Daderot / Public Domain)


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