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SUPPORT AB 166: Medi-Cal coverage for violence prevention services for gunshot victims

Support AB 166: Medi-Cal coverage for violence prevention

by Youth ALIVE! | 4.25.19

Support AB 166: Provides Medi-Cal coverage for services provided by Hospital-based Violence Intervention Programs like Caught in the Crossfire and other members of the National Network of Hospital-based Violence Intervention Programs.

While modern medicine has saved countless lives from violent injuries, most healthcare systems routinely fail to address violently injured patients’ risk of re-injury after these patients exit the hospital. This creates a revolving door of violent injury and trauma centers too often see the same victims repeatedly.

Hospital-based Violence Intervention Programs (HVIPs) use innovative and effective patient-focused strategies to break that cycle and reduce rates for violent injury recidivism. Evaluations have repeatedly demonstrated that integrating HVIP services into hospital trauma centers corresponds with large reductions in rates of injury recidivism and long-term increases in patients’ wellbeing.

Providing Medi-Cal coverage for violence prevention services for gunshot victims will help expand utilization of Hospital-based Violence Intervention Programs in California and would likely even result in cost savings to the state Medicaid program and to our justice system. With AB 166, HVIPs can continue their preventative work and harness state and federal funding to reduce the cycle of violence that plagues many of our cities and destroys many of our communities.

Youth ALIVE!

Written by Youth ALIVE!

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