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Countable Pro-tip: How to "Unvote"

by Countable | 5.11.17

Have you ever thought twice about your vote on Countable and wished you could undo it? You’re in luck, because undoing a vote is actually really simple!

If you’re on the iOS or Android app, all you need to do is tap again on “yea” or “nay,” from the bill page, and you’ll then be presented with both options again. Here’s what it looks like:

Using the Countable website? Just tap again on the “yea” or “nay” button, and you’ll then have the option to re-vote.

It’s important to note that undoing a vote doesn’t send multiple messages to your lawmakers. We typically hold messages prior to delivering for about an hour or so, and our system will only send the most recent position you took on a specific bill.

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