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Trump’s New Immigration Demand: No Due Process for Border Crossers

by Axios | 6.24.18

Countable Asks: Do immigrants who entered the country illegally deserve due process? Hit Take Action to tell your reps what you think. (Via Axios.)

President Trump tweeted on Sunday morning that illegal immigrants entering the United States should be deported "immediately, with no Judges or Court Cases" — a radical suggestion that would deprive illegal immigrants of due process and could deter asylum seekers from attempting to reach the U.S.

The big picture: Such a move would go radically farther than the Trump administration's current "zero tolerance" policy, which aggressively enforces the 1965 law that made illegal entry into the U.S. a federal misdemeanor. The goal of the new policy was to criminally prosecute 100% of immigrants caught illegally crossing the border.

Trump continued:

(Photo Credit: vichinterlang / iStock)


Written by Axios

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