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Your Message: The Science of Countable

by Countable | 4.26.17

One great question we sometimes get from the amazing Countable community is this:

"So, you're delivering my message to Capitol Hill. Where does it go? And what does it look like?"

While we don't actually hand-deliver your messages (but watch this space!), it does require serious nerd-power to make sure your voice is heard. The Countable platform automatically formats all communications, and directly links to the Congressional communication system, so that it's as easy as possible for your representatives' offices to receive and log your messages. Therefore, contacting lawmakers through Countable is really simple and really effective. Here's what happens next.

Every time you go to a Countable bill page and hit yea or nay, we immediately send that vote to your representatives. When you vote on a bill currently in the House, we send it to the Member of Congress who represents your district. When you vote on a bill before the Senate, we send your vote to your state's two Senators.
Here's what they get:

Dear [Your Lawmaker],  

I am a voter in your district. I support the legislation H.R. 1446. I encourage you to vote for it. Thanks to Countable, I will be receiving updates on how you vote on this and future legislation.   

Sincerely,   [Your name]

Next, no matter the issue, your thoughts and opinions are also critical, and you can choose to share those with your friends and social networks -- as well as with your representatives in Washington, DC.

When you do, here’s what that looks like in your lawmaker's inbox:

Dear [Your Lawmaker],

I am a voter in your district. I Support the legislation H. Con. Res. 36, "Authorizing the use of the Capitol Grounds for the Greater Washington Soap Box Derby."

Personally I feel like this bill shouldn’t be such a big deal. It’s for the kids! Let them have some fun!

I urge you to vote for it.

Sincerely, [Your Name]

It's especially exciting when members of the Countable community receive responses from their lawmakers. Here are a few we’ve highlighted on Twitter.

And remember: your representatives work for you! So let us know if they respond, and we'll highlight your message and their response.

-- Jason Weingardt

(Photo Credit: U.S. Air Force)


Written by Countable

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