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What's Your Bill?

by Countable | 4.20.17

Why should Members of Congress be the only ones to write laws? Ok, yes: they are the actual elected representatives of The People. But the truth is, lots of outside groups work with lawmakers to craft the proposals that are introduced in Congress; think tanks, special interest organizations, unions, and even lobbyists often have a hand in what eventually becomes law.

So why not us?

Day in and day out, we at Countable are amazed at the brilliance, strength and nuance of your opinions. Whether it’s ideas about the White House or pending legislation – the Countable community reveals the richness and depth of thought that is so often lost in modern politics.

That got us thinking: what if you could submit a bill to Congress? What would it accomplish? Would it repeal regulations? Take further steps to protect the environment? Rename your local post office?

Whatever your idea, we want to hear it. Hit the button below and fill out the form to write your bill. We'll feature your ideas here on Countable, and give the community the chance to vote on them. Those that get a lot of support we'll take to Congress, and lobby for them to be introduced.

What's your bill?

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