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by Erin Brockovich | 4.24.18

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There has been a large increase of communities reporting to us, see photos above, that has become quite concerning. We are hearing and have been working on this issue for some time even before the Flint, Michigan situation became national news. From Tyler, Texas, Hannibal, Mo, Monroe, LA, Gardena, CA, Hugo, OK, Nikki Luna, OK, Sebring, OH (and 2 other communities in Ohio), Navajo nation, Washington DC, Milwaukee, WI, St. Joseph, LA., Henry County in Missouri and the list goes on, we have come to realize what the cause is.

The water we use comes from about 85% surface waters. Rivers, lakes, etc. It is VERY important to understand that no 2 rivers or lakes have the same water quality. So the water in a river in Texas is different than the water quality in LA and so on. Water carries organic matter (basically dirt) from surface water. We add chlorine to treat the water for bacteria, etc. This process causes what is called THM (Trihalomethanes) a by-product of using chlorine. THM is regulated by the EPA who oversees our Safe Drinking Water Act. There are thousands of water utilities in violation of the MCL (maximum contaminant level) for THM. THM are regulated because they are environmental pollutants and cancer causing. What we are seeing across the board is Water Utilities short cutting the regulation on how to treat THM, which is a Granular Activated Carbon System, and now are adding ammonia (called chloramines) because it is cheaper. Studies show that women with personal exposure to high THM during their first trimester of pregnancy had a miscarriage rate of 15.7% compared to a miscarriage rate of 9.5% among women with low THM exposure. Maternal exposure to THM may be associated with fetal growth retardation. Exposure to THM over 80 ppb was associated with reduction in birth weights. These studies were done by Kaiser Permanente.  

Understanding that every body of water is different quality, you have to know how to treat it. The use of ammonia causes a corrosive and toxic system that causes LEAD, Manganese, Copper, and other organic matter, in the distribution system (pipes) to leech into the water and is then delivered to the consumer. Because of the reaction the ammonia creates it cancels out the chlorine which is why we see outbreaks of Legionella, E-coli and brain eating amoebas in the water system throughout the country. This also causes great damage to water utility distribution systems (cost to replace is hundreds of millions of dollars) an infrastructure that is already failing and also destroys home pipes, appliances and laundry fixtures, not to mention a toxic water situation.  

Consumers are told, as seen above in photos, that are pouring into me daily, is safe to drink and that is not true. It is politics, money and corruption that is causing the deterioration of our water supply.

We are baffled that this is not top priority as none of us can live without water. This cannot be a political/party issue, rich or poor issue or race. It is all of our issues and until we have better enforcement and oversight of our water utilities and stop putting a ban-aide on the problem, which chloramines are, and start using the solution in place that can fix this, even if it cost more, we are in real trouble with our nations water.

WE are ALL going to pay for this national crisis and the root cause is to save a buck. This manmade mess is going to played out in every State in the Nation.

Erin Brockovich

Written by Erin Brockovich

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