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by Erin Brockovich | Updated on 5.24.18

We must have clean water and the health and the welfare of our children is at stake and is at risk. - Erin Brockovich

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Erin Brockovich

Written by Erin Brockovich

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  • Chris

    Please help before more of us die Trump is talking about cutting prescription pain medication (oxy, morphine) and there is no spilled pills and bottles. The true drug, street drugs (Fentanyl, heroin) are driving this epidemic. Did you research any of the new statistics and information about what this epidemic is really about now? Did you check the 7-10-2018 news report they admit to inflating the number of overdose deaths by prescription pain medication by 52%. When the CDC released the 2016 numbers it was a early release. In the report there was nothing to support the numbers Because I do not think you were able or did not have time I am sending the information I have found. Maybe you can light the match and help the 2 million CPP. We need it desperately. A little bit about me, My name is Chris Jolley I live in Utah I am 62. I got my first cluster migraine at four years old they would show up now and then for the next 30 years. They returned and by then I injured my back L-4 L-5 S-1, rupture at T-10 T-11, my neck fused, sever facet joint degeneration and more. Most Chronic Pain Patients can give you a laundry list of pain they have. I am one of millions. 25-30 years ago the cluster migraines came back sometimes up to 4 times a week and I started to get chronic kidney stones. Pain so bad I had to seek treatment. I went through all the treatments that are required now and my doctor and I worked together to find what worked. I never changed the dose. 4-2017 I arrived at my doctors office and a doctor walked in I have never seen. He said he was brought in to take everyone off their pain medication. He gave me prescriptions for 2 months then told me I was one my own. CDC=Center For Disease Control FDA=Food And Drug Administration CPP=Chronic Pain Patient DOJ=Department Of Justice (sessions) DEA=Drug Enforcement Agency AJPH=American Public Health Association What if everything you know about this epidemic was based on inaccurate data and lies? I have research this for over 1 year. I do not understand why the CDC and FDA have covered this up. These 3 videos ore 3 of many that will give you an idea about what is the truth and the lies. This first video is 17:00 minuets oof 2:00 hour video discussion about what the CDC and FDA have done and still doing. Meeting last year. They talk about what the CDC and FDA did and covering up the truth. This link has a huge amount if information and a 15 minuet interview. Nevada in depth news story about this mess the CDC and FDA created out of thin air DEA 2-17 This tells all FDA ARTICLE REQUESTING OUR STORIES This article released 5-2-2018 requests stories about our life after the CDC and FDA created these lies destroying all the lives of CPP community forever. Stories are great but I think if we confronted them with the truth and proof of what they have done we will get more attention. Attention the do not want to expose. When it is exposed the CDC and FDA will try to hide under their desks. These meetings are 4 months after the CDC released the audit on bogus 2016 report. 7-2018 the FDA There is a link at the bottom of the article to send your stories. In this 2nd article by USA Today. In this article FDA admits the they inflated the number of overdose deaths from prescription pain medication by 52% and they are still lying and trying to cover the their butt. The article said nothing about the audit the CDC did in 2017. The audit was done 2017, submitted 12-2017 and posted 4-2018 by the FDA. If you click on the 2nd link the new numbers by the CDC after the audit. This is the first page, I got all 3 online at my local library. Please pay close attention to the dates. I want to know why! ! why did they bury the truth and why are they still doing it. Why didn’t the admit they were wrong back in 2016, and stop the madness then? Then I will my story after this. I’m afraid my story will be very close to other stories. I believe we need to try a different approach. 1,700 have responded out of the 2% CPP in the USA. We need to up it before ~~9-10-2018.~~ The CDC released this on 9-12-2016, 4 months AFTER the CDC bogus 2016 overdose death numbers by any opioid. A little bit more information. These links are the real time death for 2016, 2017, and 2018 2016 cause close of death January through June. Look at prescription pain medication. 2017 real time cause of death 1-2018. look at prescription medication. CDC reported over 70,000 deaths by opioid. 2018 from 1-1-2018 through today Does anyone know about any of this? Why has nobody heard of anything? This needs to be stop immediately and fixed. In June DOJ sessions arresting 74 doctors and everyone associated with CPP. The CPP were left hanging by their fingertips with no one to take care of them. sessions called it a Medicare Care fraud. Why are they ignoring I did not include this. The amount of suicides committed by CPP because they could not stand the pain one second more The CDC needs to deduct these numbers from the 17,087 (number of overdose deaths The CDC Guidelines written in 2016. What is missed the guidelines were written for new patients needing chronic pain management and for new primary care dr. FDA guidelines for prescribing chronic pain Established patients or grandfathers were supposed to be protected in these guidelines. FDA did not notify anyone. Palliative Care, FDA provided this for established patients, their Dr and pharmacist. Had they notified anyone to use this billing code there would not be an issue.