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Ban Military-Style Assault Weapons & Large Capacity Magazines Now

by #NoRA Action Center | 4.11.18

This petition was originally created by The Campaign to Keep Guns off Campus. Read more about this issue, sign the petition below, and contact your lawmakers to continue moving the needle.

Our schools must be havens for learning where students can feel safe and not have to worry about being gunned down in their own classrooms or on the playground. Military-style assault weapons are weapons of war and have no place in our communities. We've already collected 250,083 signatures! Please be the next.

On February 14th another mass shooting took place in a school (Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS in Parkland, FL) leaving 17 people dead and many others severely injured.

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The shooter used a Smith & Wesson M&P15, a military-style assault rifle with large capacity magazines. Assault weapons were also used in previous mass shootings, including Aurora, Colorado; Newtown, Connecticut; San Bernardino, California; Umpqua Community College, Roseburg, Oregon; Sutherland Springs, Texas; and Las Vegas, Nevada.

We do not want to hear our state and federal officials offering their thoughts and prayers for this latest tragedy – we want action now! Military-style assault weapons and large capacity magazines have no place in civilian society and are only designed to kill and injure large numbers of people in a short period of time.

We cannot allow the daily carnage in our country to be the new normal. Tell the President, Congress and various state legislatures (including Florida) to act now to ban military-style assault weapons and large capacity magazines.

#NoRA Action Center

Written by #NoRA Action Center

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