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Support Bucknell University's Engineers Without Borders

by Chelsea Handler | Updated on 4.11.18

Engineers without Borders works to revolutionize and modernize developing countries. The Bucknell University chapter is sending Solar Brite backpacks to children in communities without power so they can continue their education despite the dire conditions of their home – and they need your support! Learn more below, donate to their GoFundMe campaign, and share above!

What's the Project?

  • The students are working with a professor who developed backpacks with solar panels in order to allow for a small flashlight after dark. Specifically, each backpack contains a clear panel with a solar panel and flashlight which will allow for light at night.
  • The Solar Brite backpacks are used to promote the education of women and children in tough situations, which are prominent in both Syrian refugee camps and the communities affected by the past hurricanes in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Having bags like these help to make sure that they can continue their education even after disaster has struck. Learn more about who they are.

What's the Problem?

Chelsea Handler

Written by Chelsea Handler

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