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Your Turn, Your Voices: What Should Congress Ask Zuckerberg?

by Countable | Updated on 4.10.18

What’s the story?

Today Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appears in the first of two hearings before Congress. We asked you what Congress should ask him. As usual we got many thoughtful responses and divergent opinions. Here are some highlights:

  • What is FB doing to protect user info moving forward? >How will FB ensure that Ad buyers are legitimate? >What is FBs responsibility to ensure that ‘certification’ of wiped data has been executed? >What notification mechanism will be made available to users if their data is breached? >Are algorithms developed to capture and expose foreign-originated propaganda? — BeStrong

  • Enough please! The last time I checked Face Book was a private entity not a government agency. Government and political idiots will only screw it up more than it already is! Face Book should not be involved with censorship of anything! What it should be doing is monitoring for illegal activity and predatory activity! If you as a user are not able to determine truth versus fairy tales you might want to consider educating yourself. — MJDalio

  • One issue is that the platform does require financial support to continue to operate. Since the business model of free access for users being paid for by revenue from ads and data presents some issues, would you consider offering the platform as a subscription fee model in return for ad-free use and complete data privacy? How many would be willing to use under those conditions, and at what price? All users should remember: if a service is not charging you for access, especially online, then YOU (your data, profile etc) are the product being sold. With that, users need a clear notification of how their data has been used, who has accessed it, prompt notification of any breaches or abuse, and simple tools to edit their own data and delete portions, similar to what is being required in the European Union. — Nona

  • Why does Facebook messenger have all the permissions to basically take over your phone or computer? Why do you only have flag sympathy filters for European countries only when tragic events happen and not the rest of the world? Why do you still advertise in obvious racists publications? We know that you knew this was going on for a long time (our personal data on just about anything was available to whoever wanted it). What other crap do you need to fix that puts us at risk do you have to fix? — Akili

  • When will Facebook stop censoring users and stomping on their 1st Amendment Rights to free speech? If it continues Facebook needs to have an entirely different business model and perhaps be regulated by the federal government. — Mark

  • Why didn’t you stop the illegal activities when you found out about? What have you done about stopping the illegal activities since your lack of past action has been exposed? Are you going to make restitution to those harmed by your failure to fix the problems when you first found out? Can you guarantee that Cambridge Analytics and those like them will be banned from Facebook forever? When will Facebook change its policies to an "op-in", instead of “op-out” in the US, like they’re required to do in Europe? — Caroline

  • How is Facebook going to be responsible and clearly separate opinion, personal stories, and tales from facts, political advertisement, classified paid ads, and other postings like newspapers have to do? Could Facebook change its layout, and have an equivalent labeled "Opinion" Section with a clear “WARNING: Personal Comments Are Not Checked for Truth or Based on Facts” similar to how newspapers and news magazines do so readers can tell what content is real news backed by facts and what is fiction or opinion shared by subscribers? Why not charge a yearly subscription fee to users of Facebook as to curtail the financial power of large corporations and private organizations like Cambridge Analytica? — Gloria

  • Nothing is full proof ! I don’t think Zukerberg meant for anything like this to happen! He’s smart but not a fortune teller! Who would have thought when he created Facebook that our country would hire people to use it against us for a presidency ! I’m sure no one contemplated the outcome. — Maria elena

  • >Nothing. FB doesn't control - and wisely chooses not to - accounts. If FB had to be in a position to approve accounts, then that is as much of a restriction on free speech as anything else. While I think Russia should pay for their deliberate efforts to undermine the election and that Trump, by allowing or participating, be impeached and removed from office, I don't want FB deciding whether my posts are "seditious". The dark side of free speech allows bad actors like Russia to use that freedom against us. The solution is to harshly punish Russia not FB. — Wayde

What do you think?

What should Members of Congress ask Zuckerberg today and tomorrow?

Tell us in the comments what you think, then use the Take Action button to tell your reps!

— Asha Sanaker

(Photo Credit: Brian Solis via Flickr / Creative Commons)


Written by Countable

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