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Recognize the Value of Work, Whether Part-Time or Full-Time

by United State of Women | Updated on 5.4.18

It’s time to secure equal rights for part-time status workers. Learn more, and take action above or below to contact your lawmakers on this issue.

Almost one in five employees works part time, many involuntarily because of the lack of available full-time hours. In the United States today, there are six million involuntary part time workers. Part-time workers are especially likely to be female, be paid low wages, and have no access to supports such as paid sick days.


– Let’s ensure that employers cannot pay part-time workers less based on their part-time status, that they must provide pro rata access to benefits to part-time workers, and that they must ensure equal eligibility for raises and promotional opportunities and challenge discrimination against part-time workers that has a discriminatory impact on women.

– Support qualified part-time workers who want full time work and ensure they are considered when their employers have the opportunity to hire for more hours.

– Ensure that caring obligations do not cause job loss.

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United State of Women

Written by United State of Women

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