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Equal Opportunity for Military Women

by United State of Women | Updated on 5.4.18

Ensure that military women work have safe working environments and the same opportunities for career advancement as their male counterparts. Learn more, and take action above or below.

Women serving in our nation’s military continue to face obstacles to advancement that undermine their progress, including sexual harassment and assault. Military branches have made great strides to ensure fair and safe work opportunities for women, but more can be done to ensure full equality in the military.


– Integrate women into all previously closed occupations, positions, units, and training and education programs in the military.

– Combat sexual assault and sexual harassment and reform the military justice system

– Based on the high incidence of other than honorable discharges for survivors of sexual assault, re-examine the records of these survivors to ensure that the discharge decision appropriately takes into consideration the extenuating role that sexual assault played in the conduct that led to the discharge.

– Increase women’s representation in the service academies and in the Armed Forces to better reflect the percentage of women in the general population who meet military accession requirements.

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Find a volunteer opportunity in your community (Visit Website)


Make a contribution to save the Women in Military Service for America Memorial in Arlington, VA (Donate Today)


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