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Rights of Immigrant in Detention

by United State of Women | Updated on 5.4.18

We must prioritize a system that keeps families together and respects due process rights of all immigrants. Learn more, and take action above or below to contact your lawmakers on this issue.

Over the last decade, government spending on immigration detention beds has increased at a rapid rate without any commensurate justification. Today, for-profit prison companies operate more than 60% of ICE immigration detention beds, up from 49% in 2009. With the recent increase of women and children migrating to the United States from Central America, there has been a dramatic rise in family detention in an effort to slow the flow of. In detention, immigrants often suffer physical or verbal mistreatment, and are routinely denied access to medical care and attorneys. Furthermore, detention results in family separation, negatively impacts children, and destroys the financial stability of the family. LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer) immigrants in detention face a high likelihood of sexual assault and other abuse; DHS must protect all detainees from such violations, or release them from detention.


– End the policy of family detention and close private detention facilities.

– Prohibit federal and state governments from contracting with for-profit companies for immigration related detention services or alternative to detention programs.

– Immediately end contracts with immigration facilities with reported abuse, and prosecute individuals accused of having abused immigrants.

– Ensure all detention facilities provide adequate access to health services, including reproductive services like abortion.

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United State of Women

Written by United State of Women

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  • Cassandra

    Are you kidding me????!!!

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  • Phillip

    If you enter illegally you and your kids should be driven to the border and set out on their side of the border. If your family is split up because of your illegal activity then thats on you! COME THE RIGHT WAY OR don't COME AT ALL!

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  • Eric

    No way!!! As far as I am concerned they have no rights or privileges or entitlement of any kind. They violated our our laws with total disregard and should be treated as hostile aliens. Some will argue this was their land etc etc. Well yes it was until the US took over, to the victor go the spoils. Send them back to where they came from, let them deal with their issues and let us deal with ours.