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Reforming School Discipline Policies

by United State of Women | Updated on 5.4.18

We must support school disciplinary policies that promote safe, inclusive, and positive learning environments. Learn more, and take action above or below.

Girls of color experience disproportionately high rates of school suspensions. Black girls are suspended at higher rates (12%) than girls of any other race or ethnicity and at higher rates than white boys (6%) and white girls (2%). American Indian/Alaska Native girls are also suspended at rates that exceed those of white students. By adopting supportive school discipline practices, schools foster success for all students and increase the likelihood that students will stay engaged and stay in school.


– Enhance public awareness about exclusionary school discipline, including how it disproportionately affects girls of color.

– Take action to eliminate the sexual abuse to prison pipeline

– Enforce Title IX and ensure that resources are readily available to students

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United State of Women

Written by United State of Women

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  • NoHedges

    The US was based on the ideal of equal protection under the law. It includes in the 14th amendment protections. While the 14th amendment was designed to protect the people, history shows that corporations are the ones who have largely benefited. This inequity must stop and the 116 congress will need to focus on restoring the spirit of the 14 amendment. 🚥This legislation seeks to undermine those ideals and ultimately may create a false support beam. Rather than change the rules, investigate why and when these discipline issues are arising and create scaffolding, not false supports, scaffolding which, in turn, enable family systems and communities to meet the expectations of a global society. That is if, of course, if you truly want to decrease the racial inequality create racial equity.

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